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list of star trek enterprise episodes wikipedia - star trek enterprise is an american science fiction television series that originally aired on the upn network from september 26 2001 to may 13 2005 until the episode extinction towards the start of the third season the series was called simply enterprise without the star trek prefix the series aired for 98 episodes across four seasons centring on the adventures of the 22nd century, star trek enterprise series tv tropes - it s been a long road getting from there to here star trek enterprise is the fourth spin off of the long running star trek franchise it ran from 2001 2005 ent is a prequel series set in the 22nd century around 100 years before star trek the original series though in practice it worked better as a semi sequel to star trek first contact as hinted by the early appearances of james, star trek enterprise netflix - capt archer and his crew explore space and discover human innovation expanding technologies as they meet new alien races in this star trek prequel watch trailers learn more, star trek voyager characters tv tropes - a page for describing characters star trek voyager voyager crew according to early promotional materials the character of janeway was treated very, exotic weapons atomic rockets - photon torpedo from original star trek 1966 this is basically an antimatter warhead it was named photon because at the time it was believed that an antimatter explosion would be pure gamma ray photons