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world without end spain philip ii and the first global - world without end spain philip ii and the first global empire hugh thomas shaun grindell on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the legacy of imperial spain was shaped by many hands chief among them is the towering figure of king philip ii, world without end spain philip ii and the first global - world without end spain philip ii and the first global empire kindle edition, philip ii of spain new world encyclopedia - during his reign philip ii stretched his empire across continents creating one of the vastest empires ever known and re shaping the political map of the world on the one hand this imperial project played havoc on the lives of many in the new world seizing their land their gold and destroying their cultural heritage and sometimes enforcing conversion to christianity, world war ii wikipedia - world war ii often abbreviated to wwii or ww2 also known as the second world war was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945 the vast majority of the world s countries including all the great powers eventually formed two opposing military alliances the allies and the axis a state of total war emerged directly involving more than 100 million people from over 30 countries, international news latest world news videos photos - get the latest international news and world events from asia europe the middle east and more see world news photos and videos at abcnews com, cainite antichrist is the goal of the global satanic elite - and the heathen shall know that the house of israel the jews went into captivity for their iniquity because they trespassed against me therefore hid i my face from them and gave them into the hand of their enemies world wae ii, the periphery of francia spain britain eastern europe - spain and portugal 718 ad present spain unlike britain never fell outside of history after the collapse of the western empire which gives us a continuous record of rule from rome through the visigoths and beyond also spain underwent her own unique transformation in the trauma of the isl mic conquest the visigoths were crushed and for almost three centuries a revived christian kingdom, francia the franks france burgundy italy germany - successors of rome francia 447 present kings and emperors of the franks france burgundy italy and germany introduction after the collapse of the western roman empire and the occupation of much of gaul by the franks roman power never returned far enough to come into conflict with the frankish kingdom except to an extent in the south of italy, spanish empire new world encyclopedia - spain led european global exploration and colonial expansion in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries trade flourished across the atlantic and pacific oceans toppling the aztec and inca civilizations spain laid claim to vast territories in north and south america the spanish empire became the foremost global power dominating the oceans as well as european battlefields